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Three Important Techniques In Mountain Biking

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Three Important Techniques In Mountain Biking

To be a good MTB rider, you have to polish up your skills and put your ego aside and start mastering the basic techniques. Here are some helpful tips to improve your riding skills.


  • Be controlled, smooth and precise in your action and use the counter steer to bring your bike to the outside of the trail as you enter into a turn. This action widens your cornering arc and allows you to carry more speed. It is generally a smoother trail on the outside as well.
  • Once you’ve entered the corner, position your body weight towards the front of the bike. This position keeps your centre of gravity low on the bike. This stylized position is achieved by bending your elbows to act as suspension and bringing your chest towards the handle bars and stem. This allows the bike to turn sharply and brings extra traction to the front wheel.
  • As with your road bike when you stop pedaling in a corner your outside foot should go to the bottom of the pedal stroke. Your inside knee swings into the corner.
  • Bum off the seat allows you to turn your hips in the direction you want to go.
  • Lower your centre of gravity.




Downhill mountain bike riding has to be one of the most exhilarating, adrenaline pumping activities you can do on a mountain bike. It is also one of the most dangerous, where wipe outs are all too common.

  • Keep your knees pointing down the track to where you want to go. Let-go of the seat with your inner thighs it allows the bike to pivot underneath you.
  • When riding over the bumps, get your weight back over the rear wheel, and either grip the saddle with your thighs, or place your belly on the saddle keeping your knees bent and relaxed. Your elbows should also be slightly bent.
  • Roll down through your heels when standing up. This evenly distributes your weight onto both legs and into the pedals. It allows you to have your weight further back on the bike and apply more back and front brake when you are traveling in a straight line.



Tight switchback turns are tricky enough for even the most competent of riders.  It is not a good idea to skid round a switchback not only does it rip up the track, but you end up with less control and run the risk of falling off.


  • Place your weight over the rear wheel and put your outside pedal forward. This is important to ensure that you remain flexible to move the bike and rotate your upper body.
  •  As you approach the corner, ensure your weight is on your outside pedal and slightly back on the saddle. Put your wheel to the outside of the corner and lean your the opposite direction until you are almost falling to the inside. Ease off the brakes and let  your bike roll under yourself.


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