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Stay Hydrated During MTB Ride

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Stay Hydrated During MTB Ride

Dehydration while mountain biking is a serious concern for any athlete. Especially for any athlete competing in an endurance event. Prolonged exposure to the heat can hurt not only your health, but also your general performance on the bike as well. The water in your body is like the fuel in your car, when it gets low your performance suffers.

While on the bike you need to be drinking water constantly. You should aim to consume at least 12 oz of water per hour of riding at a minimum.

Staying hydrated will prevent you from cramps and dizziness.

Here is  a couple of supplements that will help you to stay hydrated during your ride.

Pickle Juice

pickle juice


Pickle juice replenishes your sodium levels. This trick does help especially on extremely hot days.



These are made to replenish the electrolytes that you lose during your ride.

Add 1 Pinch Of Unrefined Sea Salt In Water

sea salt

Adding a pinch of unrefined sea salt is supposed to help your body better absorb and utilize the water you drink. This means you pee less of it out so you can get more out of the water you do drink.

Making sure you have your basic hydration needs down is the first step to being a consistent performer on the trail. Plus, it is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your performance.


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