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Nutrition Tips To Boost Your Endurance

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Nutrition Tips To Boost Your Endurance

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If you have plans for a bicycle tournament or even a marathon you may be concerned about the best nutritional preparations.

Even when your training days is over, you can still enhance your performance with winning food strategies. What you eat and drink during the last few days or hours  before some exercise will make a difference.

Here are  6 last minute nutrition tips to boost your endurance before a tournament.

 No Last Minute Hard Training


By resting your muscles and doing very little exercise this pre event week, your muscles will have the time they need to store the carbohydrates and become fully saturated with glycogen (carbohydrate).

You can tell if your muscles are well carbo loaded if you have gained 2 to 4. The muscles store 3 ounces of water along with each ounce of carbohydrate and this water will be released during the event and be put to good use.

No Last Minute Dieting


You can’t fully carbo load your muscles if you are dieting and restricting your calories. You will have greater stamina and endurance if you are well fueled, as compared to the dieter who may be a few pounds lighter but has muscles that are sub optimally carbo loaded.

Remember: You are supposed to gain (water) weight pre event.

Eat The Morning Of The Endurance Event


You’ll need this fuel to maintain a normal blood sugar level. Although your muscles are well stocked from the foods you’ve eaten the past few days, your brain gets fuel only from the limited amount of sugar in your blood.

When you nervously toss and turn the night before the event, you can deplete your blood sugar and, unless you eat carbs, you will start the event with low blood sugar. Your performance will go downhill from there.



During endurance exercise, you’ll have greater stamina if you consume not only water, but also some carbohydrates, such as sports drinks, gels, bananas or dried fruit. You should target about 100 to 250 calories per hour after the first hour to avoid hitting the wall. (For example, that’s 16 to 32 ounces of sports drink per hour.)

Some athletes boost their energy intake by drinking diluted juices or defizzed cola others suck on hard candies or eat chunks of energy bar, animal crackers and other easily chewed and digested foods along the way.

 Drink Extra Fluids


You can tell if you are drinking enough fluids by monitoring your urine. You should be urinating frequently (every two to four hours) and  the urine should be clear colored and significant in volume.

Drink a lotof juice as they are a good fluid choice because they provide not only water and carbohydrates but also nutritional value. Save the sports drinks for during the event.

Eat A Moderate Amount Of Fiber


If you stuff yourself with lots of white bread, bagels, crackers, pasta and other foods made with refined white flour, you may end up constipated. Include enough fiber to promote regular bowel movements but not too much fiber.

Moderate amounts of whole wheat bread, bran cereal, fruits and vegetables are generally good choices. (If you are concerned about diarrhea, limit your intake of high-fiber foods and instead consume more of the refined breads and pastas.)

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