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Manual Front Wheel Lift Techniques

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Manual Front Wheel Lift Techniques

Rolling or manual front wheel lifts allow you to lift the bikes front wheel by using momentum generated by shifting your bodyweight around the bike. The unpowered rolling front wheel lift requires you to have enough forward momentum to carry your lofted front wheel and trailing rear wheel over the trail obstacle typically when riding on on flat or downhill trails.

A starting point for many transition or repositioning moves, lifting the front wheels enables you to steer the bike on the ground as well as vertically while handling obstacle with precision on the rear wheel.

Push The Bike Away

 mtb 2

  • Crouch down and slightly forward towards the bars as you approach your obstacle to get the front suspension to preload.
  • As the suspension of your mtb firms up, push off the handlebars moving your shoulders up and back. At the same time drive your feet down pushing the pedals forward and away from you.
  • Allow your arms to extend and push your hips back as your body moves away from the handlebars to get your weight towards the back wheel. Allow the rear wheel to come under your body as your legs fully extend.
  • This technique is simialr to unweighting, we have just added the rearward body movement which gets more weight off the front wheel.
  • Cover the rear brake with at least one finger at all times. If at any point in this move you feel you are going to loop off the back of the bike, applying the back brake will bring the front wheel back down.
  • Your bodies rearward momentum being applied to the handlebars combined with your feet pushing the pedals forward should lift the front wheel as most of your weight will now be over the rear wheel.
  • Remember that rear brake if it you past the rear wheel balance point and feel you may be falling off the back of the bike.
  • The front wheel should lift as your weight goes over the back of the bike. This is a manual front wheel lift. If the front wheel doesnt lift, make the initial push against the bike more explosive.

Staying On The Rear Wheel 


mtb 1

  • The amount of pedal pressure and your overall posture will entirely define your balance on the bike. The front wheel will drop down if you lean too much over the bars, but then you can lift it up again before it reaches the ground. Just release the rear brake again and slowly push on your front pedal while leaning further back, arms stretched.
  • If on the contrary you lose balance backwards, flex your arms and knees to tuck and bring yourself closer to the stem. With this sort of pedal control, you can lift the front wheel with precision to any height.
  • By chaining up these front wheel adjustments and locking the rear brake after each adjustment, you’ll end up moving in small steps on the rear wheel. This is the natural approach to learning the pedal kick, which is a faster and more powerful version of the same move.

Coming Down


coming down

  • Bring your riding position back to it’s normal neutral riding position as your weight returns to the bike.
  • Practice this technique to perfect your timing so your front wheel stays light until your rear wheel has cleared your  obstacle every time.

The basic part of manual front wheel lift is body placement. One must find a the right technique in order to execute the manual successfully. Center of gravity has a major role in this creating the optimum placement of the body. Always remember that practice is the key and pain can be part of the game, but we must learn from our mistakes so we don’t do it again.




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