LIMBC 2012-2013 Women’s Open Winner Lea Davison Shares Her Precious Time Answering Our Questions

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LIMBC 2012-2013 Women’s Open Winner Lea Davison Shares Her Precious Time Answering Our Questions

LIMBC:  Had it not been MTB, which sport would you have opted to make a career out of it? Windsurfing? Skiing?

Lea:         If I was not a professional mountain biker, I would probably try to be a professional skier.  I grew up doing downhill ski racing, so I really wanted to pursue free skiing after college.  I may have also given Nordic  ski racing a serious shot if mountain bike racing didn’t work out.

LIMBC:  Tell us a little bit about your non-profit organisation Little Bellas.

Lea:        The Little Bellas is an all-girls, mentoring on mountain bikes program that my sister, Sabra, and I started in 2007.  We started the organization in Vermont by meeting every Sunday afternoon in the summer.  We have since expanded nationally.  On top of running weeklong camps and Sunday sessions in Vermont, we run weekend long camps all over the United States that coincide with big mountain bike events like the Sea Otter Classic.  This year, we are starting two new Little Bellas chapters, one in California and the other in Colorado in collaboration with the Amy D Foundation.  We aim to get as many girls as possible to fall in love with cycling and engaging in a healthy lifestyle. 

LIMBC:  You have twice emerged tops in the women’s open of the Langkawi International Mountain Bike Challenge (LIMBC). How do you feel about it?

Lea:        I am honoured to win Langkawi twice in a row.  It’s a really challenging race where a lot can happen over the course of all of the stages.  It takes a little luck, determination, and fitness to come away with a win, and I was so happy to be able to do that for the past two years.  The race is always really competitive with some of the best pro women in the world racing, and I am thrilled to win against a field like that. 

LIMBC:  Describe Langkawi in three words.

Lea:        Stunning. Tropical. Friendly.

LIMBC:  Describe LIMBC in three words.

Lea:        Challenging.  Muddy.  Fun.

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LIMBC:  What was your first impression of Langkawi when you first stepped on its shores?

Lea:        Langkawi is tropical and absolutely beautiful.  I was surprised how much it reminded me of the Hawaiian island of Kauai where I spend a lot of time in the off season.  I love Langkawi.

LIMBC:  Did you expect to win on your maiden outing?

Lea:        I was definitely aiming to win in my maiden outing, but I never expected to win.  The race was competitive and anything could happen.  I took some risks and attacked on some of the longer stages, and it worked out.

LIMBC:  You defended your title in 2013 in style, becoming the first rider to win twice on the trot. How did you do it?

Lea:         I raced really aggressively.  I just kept attacking on every stage.  In the first couple of stages, it seemed like I couldn’t  shake Maja (Wloszczowska).   She is so strong.  On the fourth day of racing and the queen stage, Eva Lechner and Maja actually rode away from me on the descent.  I thought I had lost the race in that moment.  But, I never gave up and kept pushing.  I regained contact on the second lap and attacked on the climb so I could have a time cushion where they dropped me on the first lap.  I got a time gap by running up the climb and kept the gap until the finish.  It was quite an exciting stage.  I went from thinking I lost the race to winning the stage and securing the overall title.  The moral of the story is never give up.  You never know what’s going to happen.

LIMBC:  Where do you get your lung-bursting style?

Lea:        I train really hard for World Cups all year long.  I usually come into LIMBC with great fitness after the World Championships.  I think this combined with strength, helps me attack. 

LIMBC:  Immediate target?

LEA:         I’m working really hard to recover from hip surgery I had on January 24th.  My immediate target is to return to racing at the same level I was in 2013.

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LIMBC:  How do you occupy your time outside MTB?

Lea:        I spend a lot of time working with the Little Bellas. I really enjoy skiing and everything that has to do with snow.  I also enjoy surfing and stand up paddleboarding.  I spend my time in the off-season on Kauai surfing.  I go to Santa Cruz, CA in the spring to train and I also get to surf there as well.

LIMBC:  Favourite drink?

Lea:        Seltzer water and any Belgium beer.

LIMBC:  Favourite meal?

Lea:        I love Thai food.

LIMBC:  Tips for MTB enthusiasts?

Lea:        The more you ride, the more you will improve.  It’s great to ride with riders that are better than you.  Watch and learn.  Also, it’s okay to crash.  Even the pros crash so it’s okay if you do too. 

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