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How To Fix A Broken Chain

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How To Fix A Broken Chain

A broken chain is such a disappointment  if you are in the epic ride. It is immediate and obvious and depends on what you were doing when it snapped. There is possibility it may fall off into the dirt, wrap around the bottom bracket or just hang in place.

When that happens, just get off the trail and find a clean place to work in any small parts dropped during the repair.

How To Fix The Chain

Tools Needed :

Crank Bros Multi 17



KMC Missing Link: 

kmc missing link


SRAM Power Linkor:

sram powerlink



chain 2

  • Remove the broken link. This is where the chain tool is needed. The tool will have a recess shaped for laying the chain link in.
  •  Hold the chain firmly while the screw plunger presses the pin out. This step can be performed with the chain still on the bike or it can be pulled off and laid flat.

chain 3

  • After removing the broken link you are left with the inner link of the chain on both ends.  Like the picture above.

chain 4

  • The chain is now ready for the Power link.
  • Insert each half into one end of the chain, from opposite sides, so that the pins and plates will interlock.

chain 5

  • All that’s left is to snap the power link together.
  •  Look closely at the two link plates and you will see a slightly oversized opening on each one. Push the pins through those slots and then yank the chain.

chain 6

  • If you removed the chain entirely, you’ll want to route it through the derailleur and around the cassette.
  • When  the chain comes down off the back of the cassette, it  will go over and in front of the top idler pulley, and then behind and under the bottom one.
  • With your chain repaired and back in place, pick up the loose links you removed, make sure to grab your multi-tool.
  • Bare in mind that, if a chain breaks out on the trails it is a warning that you need to replace it as soon as possible. Keep your power link for future emergency use.



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