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First Aid During MTB Crash

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First Aid During MTB Crash

Crashing is common during a mountain bike race. The question is, are you prepared to handle it? If you are on a trail riding, by its nature of course will lures us away from civilization and far from professional assistance.

Many emergencies must be addressed immediately to help stabilize the victim before medical staff can be reached.

Below is a list of some of the common mountain biking injuries and how to handle them.


A rider can get a concussion even if one’s does not lose consciousness. This involves head injury and it is always best to be cautious with it.

Don’t let the rider get back on the bike.  Causes of concern include vomiting,a headache that progressively worsens, becoming less alert or less conscious and bruising behind the ear or around the eyes.


Clean the wound carefully and gently spray on some clean water from a water bottle over the wound to clear away debris.

Do not touch the wound. Cover up the wound with a piece of dry clothing.

If the cuts are severe, you may require pressure to stop the bleeding.  Putting pressure directly on the wound with a cloth or the hand may be enough to stop steady bleeding.

In the case of arterial bleeding where blood spurts from the wound pressure must be applied to the artery itself on a point near the wound. If possible, raise the wound above the heart to slow the bleeding.

Broken Arm,Wrist Or Leg

Secure a splint that covers from above the broken area to below it. Use lightweight but strong materials for the splint.

Sticks, a flat piece of wood or even a bike mounted pump can be used. Clothing or an inner tube can be wrapped around the splint to secure it.

Create a sling to secure a broken forearm or wrist. For an upper arm break, create a sling that wraps around the neck and wrist only.

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Broken Collarbone

This is one of the common injury, that many riders have encountered before.

Create a sling you will probably have to use a shirt to secure the arm that is on the same side as the break. Keep the arm at a 90-degree angle. If you have safety pins, the bottom of the riders own shirt can be pulled up around the arm and pinned around the chest of the shirt.

Broken Finger

Create a splint for the broken finger by taping it to another finger. Keep something soft, such as a piece of clothing, between the fingers to make it more comfortable.

Sometimes when crashing, you will feel shocked and panicked at first reaction, but if you have the basic knowledge on how to treat the injuries you will be fine. After all, life is full of adventure, so does mountain biking. All the cuts and bruises that you have means that you are a true mountain bike rider.


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