Eat Right For Great Performances During Mountain Biking Race Day

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Eat Right For Great Performances During Mountain Biking Race Day

For a lot of the mountain bike riders training plays a huge role in how you perform on race day how you fuel up plays a big role as well. How you eat the hundreds of days that you aren’t racing makes the biggest difference but race day nutrition can make or break your performance as well.

The long hours of training undertaken by elite cross country mountain bikers calls for a high energy diet, high in protein, vitamins and minerals, also in carbohydrate for muscle fuel stores. Adequate carbohydrate during prolonged rides is important to maintain a strong immune system and prevent riders breaking down mid season.

Making sure that you have the right foods to prepare for, power and then recover from your performance can be the difference between a satisfying weekend and a lot of frustration.

Here’s some simple diet plan that you can do to fuel great performances during mountain biking race day.


Contrary to popular belief, carbohydrate loading starts about 48 hours prior to race day. Your dinners should include lean protein such as fish, chicken, or steak with a big salad and as many veggies as you can handle, with some sort of carbohydrate.

 greek yogurt

Avoid the simple carbohydrate for breakfirst and go with something with lean protein with eggs, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, as well as  fruit and veggies. If you do some sort of carbohydrate, make sure they’re complex like oatmeal. Don’t do carbs in the form of regular bread or cereal.

For lunch protein shake will be the best meal. It will be lighter on your stomach and provide you with the nutrients to feel strong throughout the day.


During the day, have an electrolyte drink handy. Coconut water is fantastic for this because it will provide you with natural sugars and electrolytes, without all the chemicals.

There are many different methods and ideas about carb loading, so it may be beneficial to talk to a healthcare professional, personal trainer or qualified nutritionist for personal advice.




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