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Brake Setup To Boost Your Performance

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Brake Setup To Boost Your Performance

The whole idea of setting up your brake is not just making sure your calipers are aligned. It is about making sure that your levers are in the optimal position which can boost comfort and performance.

Unfortunately, riders never take the time to make this simple adjustment.

You should know that, everyone have their own hand size, strength and reflexes. Personally, everyone should tinker with their setup to dial in the best possible performance.


First, just get into your typical riding position on your bike and put your finger on your brake lever.

Move the lever up or down so that your extended finger is in a straight line with your arm. Make sure that the lever blade touches under your finger.

Please be reminded,  that never put the lever any lower.

However, if you frequently tackle steep and demanding downhills, angle the levers up slightly so that your fingers, hands, and arms are in a straight line while you’re in your downhill position on the bike.


Dial in the lever-reach adjustment, which is a small knob on the lever or a 2mm hex-head bolt tucked near the pivot point. Adjust it until the hook of the lever falls under the first joint in your slightly bent index finger.

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For some brake levers, there is a free stroke adjustment or a contact point that can controls how far the lever moves way before the pads make contact with the rotor.

The ideal position is based on your personal preference.


Basically, you need to experiment the things that makes you comfortable. If something feels off, tweak it until you find what works best.


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