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5 Tips That You Need To Know Before MTB Tournament Day

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5 Tips That You Need To Know  Before MTB Tournament Day


For mountain bikers, the tournament day is where you test your skills and endurance. It could be a big challenge to your mind and body but don’t let last minutes issue ruin your day.

Before you head up for the tournament, study up these few tips to make your day a successful one.

The Day Before

Create a calm, organized race morning by preparing everything you need for your race the day before. Fill your bottles and hydration packs, stock up and label your drop bags, lay out your clothing, pre make your breakfast, and prepare your bike. Put your number plate on your bike and attach the timing chip to your stem. These are two items that will create panic if they are at your back at your condo instead of with you on the start line.

Check Your Bike

In the days leading up to the race, give your bike a good going over. You don’t want to make major changes before the race certainly no major maintenance the night before but you do want to make sure that crucial parts are in good condition.

Find Your Flow

Find your groove once race traffic eases up about an hour after the start. Settle into your go all day pace and focus on efficiency and fueling. Stand up briefly to stretch your back and give your rear a break at regular intervals. Consciously admire and relish the performance your body is producing after months of training.

Do Your Homework

Read the entire race website to learn the logistics. Get the start location, day and time right. Learn about any surprises your goal race may have. The unexpected can trip you up

Set Your Goals Early

Are you going for the experience, or do you want to crush the field? If you’re just hoping for a normal first race, jump in there and see how it goes.

If you have ambitions of crushing the field, you need to do a lot more preparation work such as intense training rides in the weeks leading up to the event, including interval rides and longer marathon sessions sprinkled throughout each week.

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