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4 Elements To Succeed In A MTB Race

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4 Elements To Succeed In A MTB Race

Mountain bike racing  is an anaerobic chess game. It is rarely the strongest person who wins in a road race, but the smartest.

If  you are off the back of the peloton, with no hopes of crawling back in. Your day is done, you have just pulled a hero to zero because your concentration waned for a few split seconds.

There are few ways you can do to prevent it from happening during race day.

Starting from the beginning of the week and noting a few important boxes to check when attempting a good race day performance.

Start Hard

start hard

In all the race categories it was clear that the race was won from the front.  This is actually true based on these reason:

  • You potentially avoid chaos and traffic jams behind you.
  • You minimize time deficit to the leaders in first lap and potentially make selective group of fast riders. (you only end up racing as fast as the riders that surround you).
  • Well trained athletes don’t explode, trust in your abilities. If you’ve followed the training program and have been diligent with recovery then the form will follow suit on race day and worst case scenario you end up fading.
  • Only a select few athletes can actually improve their lap times from start to finish so take advantage of your fresh legs in the earlier laps.

Be Technical


With the courses getting more technical all the time, easy time savings are coming from skills and downhill proficiency.

  • Separate yourself from competitors in technical terrain.
  • It’s advantageous to ride the “A line”.
  • You need to be fast everywhere, not just on the uphills.

 Be Consistent


The top riders often make the least amount of mistakes and ride consistent lap times, this consistency minimizes overall time deficits and helps to maintain a good rhythm and mindset throughout the race.

  • Your lap times shouldn’t fluctuate more then 15-30 seconds per lap. (depending on lap length) If you are, then your mind may be wondering or, you may have not practiced the course enough for your laps to be repeatable and consistent.
  • Consistency helps with finding your rhythm. Rhythm in racing stops the mind from wondering. (focus on the task at hand, move forwards)

 Have a Race Strategy and Be Tactical


A race strategy is always beneficial in any race and it was clear all the winners and majority of the competitors had some sort of strategy whether they were racing for 1st or 50th.

  • Eliminating the thinking during the race by having a strategy and sticking to it.
  • When you have a strategy, you can adapt better to a situation you may not be completely prepared for.
  • Easier to find your rhythm on course.
  • Avoid pacing mistakes and fueling mistakes by factoring these into your race strategy.
  • Tactics are often required in any race and a strategy could be as simple as knowing the last passing spot on course… leading through a difficult rock garden, or attacking another rider where you know you are stronger.
  • Strategies help you play to your strengths, avoid riding within your weaknesses and get you closer to your best on race day.

Ultimately all we are trying to achieve in each race is our best. Focusing on being well prepared for race day while focusing on the task at hand in the race is the best way to achieve this.

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