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10 Core Exercise For Mountain Bike Rider

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10 Core Exercise For Mountain Bike Rider

For mountain bike rider, your great source of power comes from the legs but if the center of your body become exhausted after 30 minutes of riding, the power and endurance slowly developed in your arms thus your legs cannot be used.

Other than that, efficiency is a big part of being fast when mountain biking. A strong core and upper body is needed to drive your bike through technical terrain without losing momentum.

Mountain bike rider need a huge reservoir of core and upper body strength to maintain control of the bike for a long period of time.

Core strength means hips, butt, lower back and abdomen. It means flexing and extending the trunk as in back extensions and crunches. It also means stabilizing against a force such as gravity in exercises such as bridging. Integration exercises that work the abdominal, back, hip and butt muscles all at the same time are the best core strengthening exercises.

Here is some exercise you can do. Bare in mind, to start it slowly and avoid any movement that causes pain. If you are not confident with your technique, seek the services of a certified personal trainer.

Pillar Ball Twist


Get in the push up position with your feet flat (shoelaces to ball) on top of a stability ball. Place your hands the same width apart they are on the handlebars.

Keep your body rigid with legs and feet squeezed together. Rotate your torso to the left turning your belly button to face the wall while rolling onto the side of your left foot.

Hold in place for a second and then rotate your feet back to the shoelaces on the ball position with your belly button pointing at floor. Hold for a second and then repeat rotation to the right side. Any butt swinging or bending at the hips or knees is cheating. Make your shoulders and torso do the work. This is a killer exercise for mountain bikers. Ten reps to each side should be tough.

Poses Crunch

poses crunch

Kneel on all fours with one end of an elastic exercise-band (swim cords work great here) tied to your right ankle and the other end to an attachment point beyond your feet.

Extend your left arm and right leg out and then crunch them in bringing your right elbow towards your left knee. Round your back, exhale and pull your belly button hard up to your spine as you crunch in, hold for two seconds and repeat.



Lie on your back, knees bent, feet flat on floor. Lift head and shoulders off the floor and then lower. Keep your neck in neutral and don’t pull on your head. Vary tempo. Increase intensity by lifting feet off the floor.

Side Lifts

side lifts

Lie on your side, legs straight, arms relaxed. Lift shoulders and legs at same time then lower.



Lie on the floor face down with your arms extended overhead. Using your core lift your arms, shoulders and legs off the floor and fly like Superman then lower. Vary tempo.

Hanging Knee Raise


Hang from pull up bar or dip station. Contract core muscles. Lift knees as high as you can without throwing them. Control the motion while you raise and lower.

Seated Knee Raise


Sit at the very end of a bench. Lean back slightly. Round your lower back slightly. Lift both feet two inches off floor. Pull one knee towards your chest then extend back to start. Alternate legs. Keep your core contracted and do not let your back arch.

Roman Chair Back Extensions


If you have access to a Roman chair, back extensions are great to build strength. Bend all the way forward and when you lift up, do so only to a neutral spine position.

Avoid hyper extending (bending back too much) your spine. Start with 3×10 and build up to 3×20. I don’t like adding weight to this exercise but prefer adding various rotation movements. As you lift turn your shoulders to the side or try figure of eight rotations with your shoulders.



Lie on stomach, completely outstretched. Reach your fingertips for the wall on front of you. Hold your head in a neutral spin position (don’t look up).

Pull your belly button up in to your spine to activate your transverse abdominis muscle and then bring right arm and left leg up while simultaneously lifting chest off the mat. Switch arms and legs while holding chest up and transverse abdominis muscle tight (just keep your belly button pulled into your spine to do this).

Continue beating arms and legs up and down in opposition while holding core strong and stable. Imagine you are balancing on a rock in the water and need to keep the movements controlled so you don’t slip off. Complete 20 beats slowly, 20 beats quickly and another 20 beats slowly with no rest.

 Ball Pikes

ball pikes

Start in push up position with legs together and shins resting on top of a physio ball.

Slowly raise hips up to the ceiling rolling the ball towards your shoulders then lower back to start position. Repeat 10 times. Legs remain straight and together throughout the movement.



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